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We believe in Losing and living it!

Our weight loss planner is an optimized choice for every such individual who is endeavoring to get fit and look smart. With us, you will lose weight while staying healthy.

Our meal plans will keep your stomach full while delivering fewer calories to your body. With that, the customized choice for different activities will keep you engaged in weight maintenance goals after losing weight. This way, you will never get extra flab accumulated on your body.


Without a plan, weight loss is just a nightmare!

Meet your weight loss goals by getting a personalized calorie intake plan with this weight loss planner. Know your maximum strength to shed extra fat from your body and maintain it afterward.

How Does Weight Loss Planner Serve You?

Our tool is customized to give you a complete schedule for calories to lose weight till your target date. It functions to provide you with the following details:

  • Calories Estimation:

This calorie weight loss calculator will consider your body values (Age, Height, Current Weight, Activity) to estimate your limited caloric intake so that you meet your low-weight goal without any trouble.

  • Workout Suggestions:

Get a wide array of necessary activity plans that could help you lose excess flab. Make your workout routines a fun.

  • Weight Loss Chart:

A detailed weight loss table that lets you know how sooner or later you will lose weight by changing your caloric intake.

  • Customized Meal Plans:

Get a customizable combo of meals according to your daily calorie needs. Plan your weight loss meal on your own now!

  • Informative Articles:

We have compiled a series of informative content pieces that will help you manage your weight loss goals. Get interesting tips on handling your nutrition, assign yourself different tasks, and maintain your weight after you lose it.

How Many Calories To Lose Weight?

It depends upon your health condition and weight loss goal. The more you want to lose, the more you will have to restrict your diet. Research states that:

Intake of 500-1000 calories less than your weight maintenance calories to lose 1-2 pounds on a weekly basis. Make your meal ideal and let your extra body fat take off.

This Is How You Can Use The Tool!

Our body weight planner gives you the calories needed for weight loss in just a few steps that include:

  • Select your goal
  • Give your basic information
  • Fill up your weight loss history form
  • Let us know your daily routine
  • Reveal your fitness routine
  • Set your goal
  • After you are done, hit CALCULATE

Start your ride to the future active you!

Frequently Asked Questions:


What Is 21 Day Rule In Weight Loss?

The motive behind 21 day rule is to focus on calorie intake to lose weight by eating five times a day. Out of these five meals, three are your basic everyday meals while the remaining two are healthy snack consumption. 

How Do I Write a Weight Loss Plan?

After getting your weight loss plan with our weight loss planner, you should:

  • Try to choose nutrient-dense foods in your diet
  • Select a healthy combo of diet from the ones provided by body weight planner
  • Try to eat healthy snacks to fade away your hunger
  • Introduce variety in your diet
  • Follow up till your goal date

How To Lose 10kg In 1 Month Without Exercise?

Well, it is pretty simple if you stick to the following plan:

  • Eat foods that include proteins, nutrients, whole grains, 
  • Do not use sugary products 
  • Sleep well and drink plenty of water on a daily basis

Does Hot Water Burn Belly Fat?

Yes of course it does! But you have to make sure the temperature of the water along with the quantity of it and the time you are going to intake it.

Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

If you are working out and having a proper diet but still not maintaining weight, then the possibility is there that you may have some health issues. 

If you have any health issues, enter that in the weight loss planner and you will get a customized calorie intake plan accordingly.


Our body weight planner is programmed to suggest estimations only. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the calorie intake to lose weight as many factors may affect it. This is why we suggest you discuss your dietician so that you may get a properly arranged diet for your weight loss.

Calories In Common Foods:

Food Serving Size Calories kJ
Apple 1 (4 oz.) 59 247
Banana 1 (6 oz.) 151 632
Grapes 1 cup 100 419
Orange 1 (4 oz.) 53 222
Pear 1 (5 oz.) 82 343
Peach 1 (6 oz.) 67 281
Pineapple 1 cup 82 343
Strawberry 1 cup 53 222
Watermelon 1 cup 50 209
Asparagus 1 cup 27 113
Broccoli 1 cup 45 188
Carrots 1 cup 50 209
Cucumber 4 oz. 17 71
Eggplant 1 cup 35 147
Lettuce 1 cup 5 21
Tomato 1 cup 22 92
Beef, regular, cooked 2 oz. 142 595
Chicken, cooked 2 oz. 136 569
Tofu 4 oz. 86 360
Egg 1 large 78 327
Fish, Catfish, cooked 2 oz. 136 569
Pork, cooked 2 oz. 137 574
Shrimp, cooked 2 oz. 56 234
Common Meals/Snacks
Bread, white 1 slice (1 oz.) 75 314
Butter 1 tablespoon 102 427
Caesar salad 3 cups 481 2014
Cheeseburger 1 sandwich 285 1193
Hamburger 1 sandwich 250 1047
Dark Chocolate 1 oz. 155 649
Corn 1 cup 132 553
Pizza 1 slice (14") 285 1193
Potato 6 oz. 130 544
Rice 1 cup cooked 206 862
Sandwich 1 (6" Subway Turkey Sandwich) 200 837
Beer 1 can 154 645
Coca-Cola Classic 1 can 150 628
Diet Coke 1 can 0 0
Milk (1%) 1 cup 102 427
Milk (2%) 1 cup 122 511
Milk (Whole) 1 cup 146 611
Orange Juice 1 cup 111 465
Apple cider 1 cup 117 490
Yogurt (low-fat) 1 cup 154 645
Yogurt (non-fat) 1 cup 110 461

2000, 1500, and 1200 Calorie Sample Meal Plans

Meal 1200 Cal Plan 1500 Cal Plan 2000 Cal Plan
Breakfast All-bran cereal (125) Milk (50) Banana (90) Granola (120) Greek yogurt (120) Blueberries (40) Buttered toast (150) Egg (80) Banana (90) Almonds (170)
Snack Cucumber (30) Avocado dip (50) Orange (70) Greek yogurt (120) Blueberries (40)
Total 345 Calories 350 Calories 650 Calories
Lunch Grilled cheese with tomato (300) Salad (50) Chicken and vegetable soup (300) Bread (100) Grilled chicken (225) Grilled vegetables (125) Pasta (185)
Snack Walnuts (100) Apple (75) Peanut butter (75) Hummus (50) Baby carrots (35) Crackers (65)
Total 450 Calories 550 Calories 685 Calories
Dinner Grilled Chicken (200) Brussel sprouts (100) Quinoa (105) Steak (375) Mashed potatoes (150) Asparagus (75) Grilled salmon (225) Brown rice (175) Green beans (100) Walnuts (165)
Total 405 Calories 600 Calories 665 Calories

Calories Burned from Common Exercises:

Activity (1 hour) 125 lb person 155 lb person 185 lb person
Golf (using cart) 198 246 294
Walking (3.5 mph) 215 267 319
Kayaking 283 352 420
Softball/Baseball 289 359 428
Swimming (free-style, moderate) 397 492 587
Tennis (general) 397 492 587
Running (9 minute mile) 624 773 923
Bicycling (12-14 mph, moderate) 454 562 671
Football (general) 399 494 588
Basketball (general) 340 422 503
Soccer (general) 397 492 587

Energy from Common Food Components

Food Components kJ per gram Calorie (kcal) per gram kJ per ounce Calorie (kcal) per ounce
Fat 37 8.8 1,049 249
Proteins 17 4.1 482 116
Carbohydrates 17 4.1 482 116
Fiber 8 1.9 227 54
Ethanol (drinking alcohol) 29 6.9 822 196
Organic acids 13 3.1 369 88
Polyols (sugar alcohols, sweeteners) 10 2.4 283 68


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Healthline: Diet Plans

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Michael Faraday

An amazing journey indeed!

Weight loss planner really helped me follow a healthy diet plan to reach my fitness goals and reduce weight within the last six consecutive months.

Highly Recommended!

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Angelica Houston

I am very delighted with my fat loss. Thanks to this body weight planner for suggesting a restricted calorie intake for weight loss. This platform has actually made it possible for me to acquire the figure I wanted.

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Nina Hartmann

My weight had increased so much during the last 2 years and I was worried about how could I lose it. Weight loss planner made everything easy for me, I was able to stick to the diet plan it generated for me, and now, I have lost 12 kg within 8 months.

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Sheena Thompson

I am a mother of 2 and after pregnancy, my weight increased to a drastic level. Thanks to this planner I could arrange a caloric plan for me to lose weight without getting prone to any health hazard. Recommended.

image image image image image

I was not expecting that progress. Wow, weight loss planner is my second love from now as I am super satisfied with the results. I have got the figure that makes me look like a wow!


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